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Preparing for childbirth is an important and, perhaps, challenging task during pregnancy. Prenatal or childbirth education classes aim to empower women and their birth partners so they feel prepared to cope with the unique challenges during birth. 


There are many effective methods to prepare for labor and delivery. Contact these instructors to find out more about their curriculum and methods!

I graduated from Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery in 2013 and did my student internship with a very busy, multi-midwife (and ObGyn) practice in Los Angeles. I am an East Bay native with a BS in Psychology. I am certified in NRP, BLS, ALSO, and am an active member of CAM and MANA. I had a thriving home birth practice in Los Angeles, and am excited to now be living and working in Sonoma County. I offer two different courses for parents: 1 3-week, in-home course for birthing IN THE HOSPITAL. And 1 3-week, in-home course for birthing OUT OF THE HOSPITAL. Group classes also available.

I am a certified Mongan Method HypnoBirthing practitioner through the HypnoBirthing Institute who has been joyfully teaching for the last three years. 
 I offer private and group workshops in Sebastopol where couples come together in warm comfortable environment and learn how to have an empowered birth free of fear. I have a background in psychology, midwifery and my own home water birth which lends to a well balanced style of teaching. 
 The latest class offerings can be viewed on the Blue Lotus website.

I offer private in home childbirth classes. Individuals or couples. Typically we meet for 2 sessions, 2 hours each and occasionally a third. $120 per class. My mission is to stomp out boring childbirth classes. We will design the class together to meet your specific desires. If you have no idea of what you'd like to cover (but I bet you have SOME ideas!) I can run a course outline by you. I have been teaching childbirth ed for 21 years. My time teaching hospital and clinic-based classes was wonderful, but right now I cherish this intimate time with expectant families on their own terms.

Holistic Childbirth Prep workshops are offer a truly holistic experience, merging the spirit and science of birth into a one-day workshop designed for pregnant people and their birth partners. This workshop is offered throughout the North Bay as well as private classes in your home. Class is designed to meet the needs of families birthing at birth centers, in their homes, at the hospital, or those who haven’t decided yet. We will practice and review the following techniques and information: Love and Relaxation: Guided relaxation and the hormones of labor, Spinning Baby: The role of the baby, optimal fetal positioning, and troubleshooting through birth, Moaning and Moving: Evidence based healthy birth practices, from vocalizations to opening the pelvic floor, The Landscape of Labor: Understanding the emotional and physiological process of birthing your baby, The Role of the Partner: Creating Safety and Trust, Nonverbal Communication Skills, Being in Birth: Massage, Acupressure, Positions, Vocalizations, and Breathing Techniques, Advocacy and Collaboration: Positive Communication Skills with Providers, Understanding Interventions and the difference between Necessary and Unnecessary, Watching, Hearing, Knowing: Empowered Birth Videos, After-Birth; The Sacred Hour and the Micro-biome. For more information about the class and instructor Kelly Gray, and registration details, please visit today!

Doula Pamela


Kate is a Women's Health Educator and Advocate, Midwife, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, & Mom in Wonder. The purpose of her classes and workshops is to bring the focus of your pregnancy and birth journey back to LOVE! This key ingredient will decrease your pain, shorten your labor, and give your baby the very best start to life.
ENLIGHTENED Birth is an excellent way to for couples to learn (or refresh on) natural labor coping techniques, massage for pregnancy and birth, and partner support and love as the foundation to a powerful, ecstatic birth! Prenatal Yoga ~ Monday's at 5:30pm at Yoga Community in Sonoma. More information and registration at

Education and community can help to support your journey into parenthood.  I have taught childbirth classes for 18 years and trained in Bradely, Lamaze, Birthing From Within.  I currently teach a class at the Santa Rosa Birth Center.  I am happy to talk with you about private classes as well.

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.” ~ Jane Weideman, Birth Doula

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