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Local resources to help support you after the baby is born!

I am a Billings Method of Tracking Ovulation Instructor who educates women/couples how to track their cycles to avoid or achieve pregnancy. I train women how to recognize the signs of fertility returning while breastfeeding. Most women ovulate before they begin their first period so knowledge of self is important for avoiding pregnancy if that is a woman/couples goal. The Billings Method is 99.5% effective at preventing pregnancy, free of chemicals and devices and takes less than three minutes a day.

Joanna's Nannies provides on-call childcare services for one time or regularly scheduled times. Our highly qualified and experienced nannies can come to your home and come with a bag of activities and toys. All of our nannies are CPR and First Aid Certified, Background checked and have great local references. You can view their profiles on our website.  

It takes courage and grace to parent in a way that is true to our authentic selves. With a non-judgmental, reflective presence, I create a safe space to support you and bear witness to your pregnancy and parenting journey. For over 15 years, I have been supporting mothers and families through the extraordinary transition into parenthood. I specialize in preventing and treating postpartum depression and fostering early childhood mental health, because I am awed by the the powerful opportunity for integration and wholeness inherent in the childbearing year, and the pure potentiality found in every infant and toddler. I have trained as a midwife, and worked for many years as a certified doula and childbirth educator before getting my License as a Clinical Social Worker. As a graduate of the Napa Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship, my work is informed by my understanding of the developing brain, and how to best promote optimal development through pregnancy, birth and beyond. I offer prenatal and postpartum support, dyadic (relationship-based) therapy for young children and their parents, mindfulness-based psychotherapy and a mindful parenting approach attuned to the unique needs of each mother and baby. 

A postpartum group for mothers and babies up to 1 year. Weekly meetings build community, focus on self-care, and connoting with our babies with gentle songs and touching games. Many guest speakers share wisdom to support new mothers. Kerry Ingram is a mother as well as a trained and experienced Waldorf and LifeWays early childhood teacher and recently completed a postpartum doula training. We have groups in Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, San Anselmo, Petaluma and Mendocino.

I've been a licensed acupuncturist for 27 years in Sonoma County and was a massage therapist before that. I'm a graduate of the San Francisco College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a 3 year post graduate training in 5 Element Acupuncture, and many other continuing education courses over the years. There is a very nice treatment with Moxabustion, using he herb Mugwort that has been dried for many years, over a spot in the low back, directly behind the navel called "the Gate of Life" which opens to give birth. Moxa can be applied there to help close things back up after the birth. It is good to do this anytime in the first year after having a baby. Moxa also builds blood and provides energy. It can feel like you had a nap when you really needed one. I personally experienced post-partum depression which I didn't realize I had for years because I was so happy with the baby and child, but I did need to use my acupuncture and moxabustion knowledge and received treatments myself to help me through periods of lack of sleep and can teach self help to families. I specialize in helping people with stress, anxiety and depression and emotional and spirit level needs such as resiliency, joy, trust and comfort. I also use herbs and nutrition in my practice and am currently enrolled in a 100 hour nutritional certificate program through the Texas Chiropractic College.

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.” ~ Jane Weideman, Birth Doula

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